Barbra has more than 20 years of professional experience in the areas of human resource planning,    professional development, organizational effectiveness, and employment management  Throughout her  career     she has taught and counseled individuals and groups on employment and career issues. Her  experience on “both  sides of the counter” in the employment realm – as both one who hires and one who  teaches those who would be  hired — has given her insight into the entire employment dynamic. This has  enabled her to share a wealth of  valuable information with job seekers as they navigate the job search  process.
As a born-again Christian, Barb’s study of the Word of God, in the light of her professional experience, has    revealed to her a profound understanding of God’s provision for those who are unemployed. She has been a     leader of small group ministries for job seekers for nearly two decades and is passionate about sharing this “good news” message.