March 30

Power for Weakness

He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.

Read Isaiah 40:29, NLT

You don’t have to be unemployed for long before you discover how powerless you really are. You can’t make people call you back; you can’t make positions open; you can’t even figure out where to look for your next job. You’re not in control of anything. But the truth is, you have never been in control and you never will be. It takes a while for to understand that there is no security in the world’s economy and those who place their trust in it are sure to be disappointed. So much for harsh reality about the systems of this world. Be grateful that you are no longer fooled into the false security offered by the Enemy. In the Kingdom of God, where you can choose to abide, everything is secure so surrender the reins of your life and future completely to God. Take Him up on His offer of power and strength. You will never get a better offer than that in the workplace.
WORDS OF FAITH:I am connected to the Power source for the whole universe and He makes me strong.

By faith I receive God’s power to carry me where I am weak. I am complete in Christ, lacking nothing.

I receive God’s strength and power in every aspect of my life.