March 28


Say Baaah


“So don’t be afraid, little flock. For it gives your Father great happiness

to give you the Kingdom.

Read Luke 12:32, NLT

Many scriptures refer to believers as “sheep.”  There’s nothing too appealing about these smelly, stupid animals but that’s not the point of the comparison. This metaphor is a very effective way to show the relationship between God and those who believe in Him.  There’s no more powerful or enduring an image than a loving shepherd keeping watch over his well-cared-for flock.  Furthermore, it might serve us “sheep” well to know a few things. One: we’re in a war zone with an enemy we can’t see but He can.  Two: we don’t have a good understanding of the situation but He does.  Three: compared to the supernatural power made available to us by Christ, our worldly skills and abilities are as inferior as those of a common sheep compared to the skilled and vigilant shepherd.  So, accept that being a sheep is fine, just as long as you can stay very close to the Shepherd!  Don’t forget that for even one moment of your job search.

• I believe that it gives God happiness to bless me with every good thing.

• I refuse to receive a spirit of fear.  I recognize fear as a strategy of the enemy and I rebuke it.

• By faith I receive the blessing Jesus bought for me at Calvary.