March 27


Pay Back


“You have taken my silver and gold and all my precious treasures…But I will bring them back … and I will pay you back for everything you have done.

Read Joel 3:5-7, NLT

When you’re in a job search process and nothing seems to be happening, it’s easy to think God has forgotten you.  Every time you hear that there are no openings, or they just filled the position, or they would never hire anyone without certain skills, you may feel yourself losing heart.  But if God ever did something for one His children, He can do it for you; He’s no respecter of persons and He doesn’t play favorites.  He will bring you back from the situation the world put you in and see to it that you are fully cared for.  He also promises to deal with those who caused you harm as surely as Jesus dealt with the Enemy of our souls! So keep fighting the good fight of  faith to overcome doubt, fatigue, confusion and frustration.  You have not been abandoned; God is not unaware of your situation. The Good Shepherd will never rest until He brings you safely home!

• I cannot fail.  I belong to the Most High God.

• By faith I receive that God will deal with my enemies and restore me to wholeness.

• God is more angry at those who try to do me harm than I am.  He is my daddy and He isn’t going to allow His child to be harmed.