March 23


Never Too Hard


Is anything too hard for the LORD?

Read Genesis 18:14, NLT

Whenever something big or overwhelming comes against us, we simply have to read this scripture.  It’s hard not to experience comfort and assurance by reading miracle stories in the bible; times when God split the Red Sea wide open, or held back the river Jordan.  How about the walls of Jericho crumbling, or the blinding of an entire army so the prophet could lead them into the city of Samaria without force?  One of my personal favorites is the army that ran away when they heard a scary sound and left jewelry, food and every supply for the three lepers to find.  Get that, the army even left jewelry for the people of God! The message is simple–God is capable of whatever we need.  Settle this in your mind once and for all.  When asking the question, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” the answer will always be “No, nothing.”  The next challenge will be to develop the faith to believe that God will do something this wonderful for me.  But for right now, let’s just agree that He is able.

• I have unshakable faith that God is able to do all things.  Nothing is too hard for Him.

• By faith I receive what God has promised me.  I am expecting great things.

• I know that God has a destiny for me and the world economy can’t keep me from it.