March 15


In Its Time


He has made everything beautiful in its time…yet no one can fathom

what God has done from beginning to end.

Read Ecclesiastes 3:11, NIV

Don’t you wish recruiters and hiring managers could see what you are capable of and understand the contributions you would make to their organizations if given the opportunity? Instead it seems you are thwarted by impossibly short telephone screenings and automatic key word filters on your online applications. Don’t be deceived…you are not at the mercy of the world’s employment system. God knows what He has designed you to do.  Make sure He is your top priority and that your relationship with Him has enabled you to recognize His voice when He speaks to you.  Then bring your best gifts and talents into the body of Christ and put them to work as you search for employment. That’s what will ensure that you’re standing in the place of your next assignment in its time.

  • I hear from God and He speaks to me personally in His word.
  • I trust my Shepherd and follow His voice wherever He leads me.
  • By faith I know I will get my next assignment when the time is right.