March 13


Skilled Workers


Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings…

Read Proverbs 22:29, NIV

Did you really excel at your work in your last job?  In every organization there are very few truly skilled workers.  Many have gifts and talents and are quite accomplished in certain areas, but they aren’t “skilled” at working.  Excellent workers are on time, respectful of authority, non-participants in employee griping and gossiping, and considerate of everyone. No earthly king would permit anyone save the very best to be in his employ.  The King of Kings expects no less! So make a renewed commitment to be an excellent worker.  Start by mastering the job search process—search the hidden job market even though it’s a challenge, practice your interview responses and make disciplined use of your time every day. Work hard to become skilled and qualified for work in the palace!

• I am excellent in all that I do because I represent the King of Kings.

• By faith I accept God’s promise that I will be noticed and will find a great place of employment.

• I receive the leading and the correction of the Holy Spirit to make me an excellent and skillful worker.