March 12


Simply Wise


The instructions of the LORD are perfect, reviving the soul.

The decrees of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple.

Read Psalm 19:7, NLT

This is pretty clear, isn’t it?  Do you want to be wise?  Do you want to be revived (made alive again)?  If you’re in today’s job market, I can only imagine that your answer is an emphatic “YES!” Then follow the advice of the psalmist and go after the instructions of the Lord.  Just don’t expect to hear some new, customized instructions, just for you.  It’s probably more than enough discover all the instructions God has already given to His entire household.  For example, as new covenant believers our commandment is to love God with all we’ve got and love others as Christ has loved us.  The “love chapter” in 1 Corinthians, chapter 13 describes that love for us. We’ll be made wise and our souls will be revived if we follow Christ’s instructions.  Ask for a hunger for His word and the power to obey His instruction. The world’s economy is no match for God’s trustworthy decrees.

• I trust the instruction of the Lord as my daily guide.

• I know that my God is eternal and all knowing.  His wisdom alone is perfect.

• By faith I receive open access to the wisdom of God through His word.