March 6




But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!

Read Mathew 5:44, NLT

This will require both understanding and faith on your part, but it’s vital.  Despite what the world may say, remember you are not unemployed!  You work for Almighty God and He will never lay you off or sever His relationship with you.  Throughout the bible we see God taking supernatural care of His children so finding provisions will not be your biggest challenge. God will care for you. Your biggest challenge will be to LOVE. Whether you have a job today or you don’t, you are called to pray for and to love your enemies.  If you want Kingdom wages—prosperity, abundance, peace, all God’s promises — you have to do the work God assigns. Yield to the Holy Spirit and let the love of Christ grow in you.  Pour your love into this dark and hurting world—be a true disciple of Jesus.

• I pray for my enemies because it frees me to move forward in love.

• By faith I release all past hurts and forgive everyone who has done me harm.

• The love of Christ in me makes it possible for me to pray for my enemies.