March 4

Potter’s Clay

And yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter.

Read Isaiah 64:8, NLT

This is such an interesting combination. We see that God is both our Father and our Lord and, at the same time, He’s our Creator who has every right (and ability) to take us apart and start all over if He is displeased with what we have become. These characteristics have been combined here for an important purpose—that we may know that our Father will always love us so, although He can, He will not destroy us when we fail, sin and make mistakes. Trust Him to change you into the kind of worker He designed you to be. He knows exactly what I need to become like Christ and has promised to complete that work in you. He’s not your buddy, nor is He a good fairy sent to grant your wishes. He is God, Lord and Master, Abba, Daddy, and King and He loves you completely and perfect! He is your Creator, always working to turn you into a Kingdom masterpiece. Yield to Him.

I yield to my Creator and ask Him to make me willing to be changed into His likeness.

By faith I receive God’s love and Lordship and perfection.

Because I was formed by the hand of God I know I am perfectly designed to bring Him glory.