February 26


Shine Out


… let your good deeds shine out for all to see,

so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.

Read Matthew 5:16, NLT

We work for God, and are always on duty.  God is our employer and the One who is providing for us, so we are to be excellent in carrying out our assignments.  Whether we are sending out resumes, going to interviews, working on a temporary assignment, or just scouting for potential employment, we need to be in the business of continuously doing good works.  You, as a representative of the Kingdom of God, are to bring blessing everywhere. Pray as you move through your day and look for opportunities to do good deeds.  When people you encounter start to thank God for you, that’s praise.  When non-believers wonder about the God you serve and how He loves you, that’s praise. Serve God with all your heart and, with no effort to take care of your own needs, you’ll find yourself in line for a blessing overflow, a harvest beyond your wildest imagination.  That’s always how God provides for those who work wholeheartedly for Him.



• I work for God and my good deeds bring Him glory.

• By faith I receive direction from the Holy Spirit and I am lead to opportunities for service.

• I am in the good deed doing business everywhere I go and I experience a supernatural harvest.