Not for Today—Really?

Have you ever been told that certain New Testament promises were only for the early church? That the signs and wonders following those first disciples came from a special set of blessings and empowerments no longer available to modern day believers?  If so, you’ll appreciate this statement by Charles Spurgeon, the renown and well respected “Prince of Preachers” who lived in the late 1800’s. “No promise is of private interpretation. Whatever God has said to any one saint, he has said to all. When he opens a well for one, it is that all may drink. When he openeth a granary-door to give out food, there may be some one starving man who is the occasion of its being opened, but all hungry saints may come and feed too. Whether he gave the word to Abraham or to Moses, matters not, O believer; he has given it to thee as one of the covenanted seed. There is not a high blessing too lofty for thee, nor a wide mercy too extensive for thee. Lift up now thine eyes to the north and to the south, to the east and to the west, for all this is thine. Climb to Pisgah’s top, and view the utmost limit of the divine promise, for the land is all thine own. There is not a brook of living water of which thou mayst not drink. If the land floweth with milk and honey, eat the honey and drink the milk, for both are thine.”  (Excerpted from his “I will never leave thee” devotional on Hebrews 13:5,

When Jesus said it was to our advantage that He go away so that we could receive the Holy Spirit He meant it!  With His indwelling Spirit we are positioned for greatness.  We are fully capable of doing greater works than He did (John 14:12), when we are directed by the Spirit to take action. Of course, it still isn’t up to us to decide what we are called to do or to speak without being directed to do so –even Jesus didn’t do that.  But as for being an agent of healing, a minister to the broken hearted, a liberator of the captive, a caregiver to widows and orphans, a true believer in the promises of God—those are expectations we should all have of ourselves.  And every disciple needs to know that what God did for one of us, He is prepared to do for all.  The issue or problem is NEVER God.  So ask for wisdom, root out unbelief and doubt, and expect the supernatural empowerment of the Holy Spirit as you go forth in His will!