February 11

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power

and produces wonderful results.

Read James 5:16, NLT

There’s no disputing what this scripture says. The earnest prayer of a righteous person produces wonderful results… not sometimes, but all the time. Do you expect results when you pray? When you don’t see the results, do you let it go or do you get on your face before the Lord to find out why not? We’ve been made righteous in Christ, so it can’t be an issue of righteousness, or can it? If you think you must be righteous on your own there will be no power in your prayers. You must comprehend that you stand only in Christ’s righteousness if you want His great power to manifest. Remember, God is never the problem. When you don’t experience results examine yourself to find out why not. Always expect results, and be sure to ask for the ability to recognize them. As you wait for them, don’t ask God why He won’t answer, ask “Lord, have I missed it or is it just not time yet?”



I know my prayers have great power; the righteousness of Christ is backing them up.

By faith I believe that God answers prayers when we follow His rules.

I trust the Holy Spirit to teach me how to pray in a way that consistently gets results.