February 12

Pick It Up

The teaching of your word gives light, so even the simple can understand.
Read Psalm 119:130, NLT

Most believers know they need to read the Word, and that the answers they need to live victoriously will be found in it, yet they aren’t able to make Bible-reading a daily habit. Even in a crisis they don’t think to pick up God’s Word and seek their solution there. Reading the Bible remains as just one more thing on the “ought to do” list. What’s the solution? Ask God for a hunger and thirst for His Word. Ask Him to draw you in with a thirst that can’t be satisfied any other way. Then put yourself in a position to hear the Word—on the radio, on CDs, on television— and get “hooked.” Ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding as you read. It only takes a few times of experiencing a living, personal word—the very thing you needed to know at the very moment you needed it—and you’ll be back for more.

• By faith I receive a hunger and thirst for God’s Word.
• I believe that God talks to me personally in his Word and I find my answers there.
• With the help of the Holy Spirit I receive the ability to understand the Word and to recognize when God is speaking to me.