February 10



We use God’s mighty weapons,… to knock down the strongholds

of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.

Read 2 Corinthians 10:4, NLT

Many of the Enemy’s most strategic strongholds are right between our ears!  When our minds are filled with human reasoning, false beliefs and arguments, we are instructed to use God’s powerful, spiritual weapons and clean house. It’s the Enemy’s dirty tactic to plant his lies in our minds, but if he’s effective in doing so he won’t have to spend much more energy trying to defeat us.  We’ll take ourselves out of the game by worrying, scheming, fretting and striving.  So recognize his tactics and knock down those strongholds.  The Word of God in your mouth and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in your life are all that you’ll need to rid your mind of this nuisance!



• I am not going to help the enemy to defeat me with my own wrong thinking.

• By faith I receive God’s revelation to show me the errors in my thinking and the false beliefs I have been holding.

• My mind is renewed by the Word and my life is transformed.