February 9



Those who listen to instruction will prosper; those who trust the LORD will be joyful. Read Psalm 119:35, NLT
Consider the job search instruction and guidance available to job seekers.  There are directions for finding unadvertised positions in the workplace, tactics for contacting people directly, and methods for overcoming their objections.  Every good job search book teaches these things, but very few job seekers ever follow those instructions.  The same is true spiritually.  GK Chesterton once said “Christianity hasn’t been tried and found wanting.  It has been found difficult and not tried.”  Our instructions are clear “Seek the Kingdom.” That means we are to study, meditate on and learn the Word and then speak only words that line up with God’s Word.  If we do what we are taught, we will experience God-given prosperity.  So trust in the Lord, no matter what, and be joyful.  Become  a “Doer of the Word” and put God’s training to good use!



• I am open to instruction and committed to being the best I can be in Christ.

• By faith I receive the feedback of the world and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to make me more and more excellent.

• I am learning and growing continuously.