February 5



Now let your unfailing love comfort me, just as you promised me, your servant.

Read Psalm 119: 76, NLT

God understands that times get tough and we get weary.  He is aware that we cannot see into the future as He can, and that uncertainty causes us distress at times.  He also knows that our Enemy is relentless in his attempts to destroy us.  So not only does God protect and defend us, He also shows His amazing love in the form of His comfort.  This promise is not that we will be physically comfortable, but that He will provide spiritual comfort when the challenge is great.  Thankfully, he will bring this comfort before your circumstances change.  Don’t believe you’ll experience no relief until the battle is over and your new work assignment has been secured.  Ask for comfort right in the middle of the trial… then sit still.  Allow Him to minister this amazing gift to you.  It is a gift of peace the world does not have. Consider it just one more benefit from an Employer who loves us with a perfect and unfailing love.

• I ask for the comfort of the Lord whenever I need it and He is faithful to provide it.

• By faith I receive comfort and peace in the face of unsettling and difficult circumstances.

• I am comforted even when I am not comfortable!