February 3



… why, as though living in the world, do you subject yourselves to regulations its— Read Colossians 2:20, NKJV

How much do you find yourself dwelling on the past, reliving the things you did or said and wishing that you had behaved differently?  If you are spending your thought time like this, stop it!  The enemy is using a strategy of guilt, shame and condemnation to keep you stuck.  This scripture reminds us that we are “dead” to the world’s voices that tell you that you deserve to be unemployed because of what you did or who you are; the messages that say you’ll never find a good job with so many people unemployed right now.  You are in God’s Kingdom where there is no lack. You are outrageously blessed because Christ died and made you His heir!  Accept the freedom that your Savior purchased for you at Calvary.  Make the Kingdom your home and keep your mind made up about it.

• The bad news of the world does not apply to me.

• I live by the Kingdom rules set out in the Word of God.

• I know the promises God has made to me and by faith I receive every one!