February 1



He replied, “You are permitted to understand the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven…

Read Matthew 13:11, NLT

Notice the wording in this scripture.  We are “permitted to understand,” not we are “given understanding.”  That suggests that there is effort involved.  Whenever we are given permission it simply means that the door has been unlocked for us.  So it’s up to us to make the investment of time to read the Word, and to ask the Holy Spirit to assist so that we can access the secrets that have been given to us.  This is the key – if you don’t really seek after an understanding of the way of the Kingdom, you will struggle to live as a Kingdom citizen in this world.  That’s whay God tells us to seek the Kingdom and His waysof being and doing right before we do anything else.




• By faith I receive understanding of the Word whenever I read it.

• I expect to understand secrets from God that the world does not know.

• I am God’s child, a citizen of the Kingdom, and God’s ways are not a mystery to me.