January 31

But all who listen to me will live in peace, untroubled by fear of harm.

Read Proverbs 1:33, NIV

One of the key job search objectives that the Lord has in mind for believers is continuous peace. What’s more, He wants us to have this peace not just during the time of unemployment but for the rest of our lives. If we can experience His peace during our job search, when everything looks shaky and out of control, we know that we will be able to stay in peace for the rest of our lives! In this scripture we are given the strategy for achieving peace; we have to listen to Him and act on His instruction. We have to abide His Word paying attention to only what He tells us. When there’s a dispute between the messages of the world and the word of God, we need to make sure we’re tuned into the right channel. Isn’t His perfect peace worth the effort?
I am a child of God and I live in peace.

I demonstrate the message of peace, hope and freedom from fear.

God keeps me untroubled because my mind is fixed on Him.