January 23



but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live.

Read Romans 8:13, NIV

Isn’t this amazing?  We’re the ones who get to choose whether we live an abundant and eternal life or refuse God’s offer of grace and die. We decide if we will allow the Holy Spirit to give us the power to overcome evil or if we want to continue to struggle and fail and struggle some more.  The best choice is rather obvious, isn’t it? But there is a price to be paid and it is complete self surrender. Abundant life, eternal life, the quality of life that God wants for us, can only be obtained by our habitually making the choice to deny our natural desires and obey the Spirit in us.  With the Spirit’s empowerment, we put to death evil deeds and, with them, all the limitations of our worldly nature.  It’s time to go forth in our employment searches in the strength of the Lord and in the confidence that eternal, God-quality life is already working in us.
• I have the guarantee of eternal life with Christ and nothing change that.

• The Holy Spirit is at work in me to perfect me and He is faithful to complete that work.

• Everything that I really need, I already have and by faith I receive it.