January 21

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged.” Read Joshua 1:9, NLT

This is a command, not a suggestion.  You are to go out every day, in strength and courage.  No head hanging, shoulder drooping, foot dragging for you. You are not allowed to be fearful or discouraged.  You don’t have a right to say “I can’t help feeling down; I’m only human.”  God Himself is  with you everywhere you go.  He’s on the phone with you.  He’s in the car with you.  He’s filling out applications with you and He’s working on all those “projects” you never had time to get to.  He’s right beside you now.  And He’s good and only good.  His plans for you are awesome and His provision for you is limitless.  If you don’t have this revelation yet, get into His Word and allow it to take root. An abundant harvest will most assuredly come forth.  It’s up to you, obey this command or shrug it off and keep struggling.


• In Jesus Christ I triumph in every situation.
• I have no fear because I trust God to work out His perfect will in my life.
• My God is with me wherever I go so I cannot fail