January 19

“You are permitted to understand the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven…”
Read Matthew 13:11, NLT

Did you ever wonder why Jesus always talked in parables?  It would have been easier for Him speak plainly instead of making His listeners wonder about His meaning. But when His disciples asked Him about this  He explained that He didn’t intend for everyone to understand.  He was sharing secret knowledge with a very privileged group of people, those who placed their faith and trust in Him. You are permitted to understand the secrets of a completely different and invisible Kingdom and, make no mistake about it, His is the Kingdom that matters.  When all that this world has to offer fades away, God’s Kingdom will stand.  We need to know its secrets—to walk in an abundant life now and to prepare for all eternity.


• I have been given the secrets of the Kingdom and I know the truth.
• I hear from God and I can know His will.
• God desires to answer my questions and fill me with understanding.  By faith I receive it.