This question came in on the EFL website and I thought others might be wondering the same thing so I’ll answer it here…”Barbara: I heard you on Chuck Bentley’s podcast and was amazed at your perspective. You mentioned volunteering in times of unemployment and focus on your gifts. How can you determine that? Thanks, Clay” Too often believers perform volunteer work in their church in areas that don’t reflect or leverage their best work skills. A Marketing VP serves as an usher and a Public Relations manager works in the church nursery. These are places that need the help, I’m sure, but chances are that these spots should be filled by someone else. The church needs the Marketing and PR skills and it’s not getting them. So if you’re unemployed try to find a place in your church or some other non-profit to put yourself to work doing the work you do best. If you’re a carpenter, work on a building project, if you’re a nurse give your time to a free clinic, if you’re a teacher put your training to work as a tutor or mentor. Take whatever you’re good at and invest your skills and time in Kingdom work. Ask God to show you where to give of your time and talents and get back to work. You can still do all your job search activities, just add volunteering into your schedule on a consistent basis. This is good seed in good ground and it will produce a harvest!