January 15

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.
Read 1 Peter 4:10, NLT

Many  job seekers complain that they don’t know what their purpose is.  They don’t know where to look for a job or invest their energy because they don’t yet know the purpose God has for their lives.  There’s no mystery here.  The life purpose of every believer is to bring God glory!  This scripture makes it pretty clear that we were created in Christ to do good works that have been laid out before us. This isn’t something we’re likely to miss.  The trouble comes when we seek careers to give us satisfaction and fulfillment and start focusing on how we can get the notice and respect we desire.  That’s what motivates non-believers.  We’re here to serve God and find a way to bring His love and light wherever we go.  Surrender your desires to the Lord and ask Him to open doors to the places where you can be the greatest blessing.  That’s your purpose and where you’ll find the greatest joy.


• I am ready and available to perform the good works for which God designed me.
• I accept the commandment to love as my top priority in life.
• Because God designed me I know I am capable of greatness.