January 14

… Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.
Read Psalm 139:13-15, NLT

If God made you then you’ve got to be good!  Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “God never made no failures.” Well, it’s absolutely true, He doesn’t make mistakes.  The hand of God has been on you since the start of your creation…He made you intentionally.  No matter what you may have been told, no matter what your life has been like–you weren’t an accident.  In fact, God designed you as a unique part of His master plan and He didn’t make anyone else to stand in for you.  Do you understand your design?  Have you discovered your gifts and talents? This would be a great time to find out what you have to contribute to the Kingdom of God.  Don’t be like the servant who buried his talents.  Figure out what you’re designed to do and invest those gifts and talents for the purposes of God.


• I know that I am wonderfully made and that God has a purpose for my life.
• I have a unique contribution to make to the Kingdom of God.
• I dedicate my gifts and design to God for His use and look forward with great excitement to using them for His glory.