January 12

                    …He will give you another Advocate, who will never leave you.Read Matthew 7:7-11, NLT

Say this out loud. “Lord, make me aware of the Holy Spirit within me.  Teach me to hear and be led by your Spirit.”  Until you get to the place where you hear the Spirit and recognize His voice, you’ll wander around in confusion.  Most job seekers never find this internal source of direction so they stumble around second-guessing themselves and go to bed every night wondering if they spent their time well.  How about you?  Do you hear God’s voice telling you the way to go?  Can you lie down at night in the full confidence that you were in the right place doing the right things all day?  If not, ask for ears to hear the Spirit and listen.
• I receive by faith the Holy Spirit of God as an indwelling presence in my life.• I trust the leading of the Holy Spirit and I listen for His voice.

• I thank God that I will never be left alone or without direction.