January 8

“Let him do what he thinks best.” Read 1 Samuel 3:18, NLT

Are you able to do that? Can you stand before the Lord and tell Him to train you however He chooses? What if God wants to deal with something in your heart before He opens up a place of new employment for you? Can you be okay with that? Might there be some project He wants you to undertake now, even though there is no way to make income by doing it? Are you willing to obediently spend your time in like this? Take the time to listen to what God has in mind for you. He knows your situation and He knows what you really need. Decide to trust Him, no matter what. His will for you is far better and greater than anything you could plan for yourself.


• I trust God’s timing because He sees the future and has my very best in mind.

• I know God is perfect Love and altogether trustworthy and good.

• By faith I am committed to follow God’s plan for my life.