January 7

She (Wisdom) offers you long life in her right hand, and riches and honor in her left. Read Proverbs 3:16

Solomon was really on to something when he chose wisdom above everything else God was willing to give him. Most of us would try to get our basic needs met and then seek wisdom. But just look at what comes with wisdom—long life, riches and honor! What an amazing concept! When we seek wisdom, another name for the Word of God, we get all the gifts in her right and left hands. Does it make sense to seek after riches when you can get them as the by-product of seeking wisdom? We read in the book of James that God will even freely give wisdom to anyone who asks for it. That certainly seems like the way to go.


• I choose wisdom and seek it diligently.

• I know God’s word is true and trustworthy and I find all my answers there.

• By faith I receive the wealth and honor that wisdom brings