January 3

“But forget all that—it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.” Read Isaiah 43:18-19, NLT

What do you feel when you think about your last job? The instruction here is clear—“forget all that.” A great gift of Almighty God to all His children is freedom from the past! There is nothing about your past that can in any way hinder the future God has for you! Accept and rejoice your freedom from sadness, shame, guilt, anger, or resentment. Turn all your attention to the new thing God is about to do with and through you. Watch for the new path He is carving out for you. Look to see how He fills your present “wasteland” with rivers of flowing water! Focus on this alone — the wonderful future He has promised you.


• I willingly and completely release the past; it has no hold on me.

• I am focused on the future God has for me.

• By faith I receive the new thing God is doing in my life.